The First Recording Artist to Produce and Distribute a Track through HauteNovi

Meet I.ndia

I.ndia is much more than living proof of the concept that collaboration can replace money in powering creation. She is a model member of the HauteNovi network – she's a hustler, she's passionate, and she's open to new ideas and influences.

Her story begins in the college town of Syracuse, New York. As a full-time Television, Film, and Radio student, I.ndia wasn't inclined to pay agencies thousands of dollars to record, produce, and distribute her music. She also didn’t have the time to dig out amateur artists from across the northeast that would collaborate for free.

This is the most common problem young artists face that discourages them from creating material and having their work exposed. When I.ndia came to HauteNovi, we paired her with our experts from the HauteNovi network who helped arrange her music as well as record it.

When artists with different skill sets team up, ideas spark, and problems are solved. By connecting artists who can work together without charging each other, we're able to spend less on creating the content and invest more in promoting the work itself.

If you’re an aspiring artist, whether it be sound engineering, drawing, or modeling, there are other artists who would love to collaborate with you. Join the HauteNovi network, tell us what you do, and we’ll get to work setting you up with the resources and collaborators that match your style and needs.

Listen to I.ndia's cover of Special Affair and watch the music video below!

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